A Liars Guide To The Honest Life : Step 2

When we lie, as I mentioned before in step 1, we often do it to ourselves more than anyone else. Have you ever been a victim? Maybe life just didn’t deal you a fair hand. So my most important question for you is who said it was fair? Maybe life isn’t a “Me” experience, could it be that life is a “You” experience? Ask anyone who is lucky enough to reach the senior discount era and they will tell you something sad or some season of life that was a disappointment. Not to make light of any situation, but just to think about the battles that others are facing more than our own. That is a true form of honesty.

I had someone lash out at me recently and it hurt. The first thing I wanted to do was be angry with that person. The second thing I wanted to do was cry. OK, so maybe I did cry a little when I got home but it was only through my prayers for that person. (This is not how I have always handled things keep that in mind)

I made a choice to believe that for whatever reason that person was going through something. So I prayed for them. A couple things happened. First I felt better, the negative was released instead of letting it simmer inside me. If I became angry and lashed out on yet another person the the circle of bad just keeps going. Make it stop.

The next amazing thing that happened was my daughter saw me praying, she also saw that person be rude to me. She preceded to sit down beside me as I prayed. I heard her, but I just kept going. She reached out and took my hand “Mommy we are a team.”  Knowing what I know about life and pain it just makes my heart sing that I can teach her not to be a victim; not to be the gate keeper for hate. I can teach her to be a survivor. The person strong enough to absorb the shock from life.

Step 2 is all about realizing “who” you are, “why” you are here, and “how” to start fulfilling your purpose. Who you are is some one strong enough to stand in the gap for those not quite there yet. Why you are here is to make a difference, not in your life, but in the lives of others. How you do it is you just take the next person who does something wrong to you and you pray for them. Not because they deserve it, but because they don’t deserve.

Winston Churchill said “…to change often is to become perfect” so I dare you change often.


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