Is it Bad luck, Rain clouds, or You?

Pain is like a rain cloud. We know it’s there, but yet when it unleashes a torrential downpour, more than just those right below the cloud get wet. Our fight with the neighbor or the parent in PTO, the disgruntled employee and/or customer may just be the effects of pain from a past hurt rising up. Wouldn’t it be easier to overlook some things people said if we knew their external factors.  Look for signs  of others’ pain, maybe they are always slumped over, moody, distant; be the person who cuts them a break. Be kind to them not because they deserve it, but because they are a human being just like us. More important than anything else is to have that kindness with your children. Let’s pick our battles wisely. Life can change with one bad storm and we don’t want to be left with only dreary days to remember. If we can’t be kind to our own families then are we really even nice at all?

Tony Birdsong wrote “Living a life that’s bigger than you requires standing down and letting God be the hero even though -and especially when-  the odds are mounting against you.”

So I dare you be the umbrella and not the rain.

Maybe you’re neither and you just always seem to be in a bad way. You’re the lump with bad luck who is always in a storm. This verse is for you:

[The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent. -Exodus 14:14 ESV ]

Remember, life occurs in seasons so even though it feels like we’re always the unlucky ones it is only for a season. Thank goodness the seasons are always changing!  So no matter where we’re at in life something is bound to change. God will help you in the storms of life. He cares about each person so much that he wants to build our character.  It is up to us on how to rise to the occasion.


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