Faith not by Works…why we need Jesus.

Have you ever woke up and thought today I am going to be better; I am going to do more. Maybe you thought about being more intentional on showing your spouse love. Maybe you thought I’ll think more positively today. I will eat healthier and exercise today. Now fast forward It is almost bedtime and you have had the day from darkness. You feel defeated because for reasons unknown to you that cupcake was to irresistible. Your spouse did that one thing that always gets on your nerves and you just lost it. Oh and those kids what toy did  they not leave out for you to pick up? They were fighting and you could feel your blood pressure rising. Before you knew it calamity was all around. How did this happen when you  fully intended on being all you could be today.

I will tell you my friend. It happened because we are humans. Imperfect creatures by nature. We are sinners. Apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing. But wait maybe you have Jesus then what is the problem? It is until we are ready to full surrender and know that it is not how hard we try that makes us good. It is our faith in Jesus that transforms our lives. The holy spirit will work out goodness in your life. It is the fruit of the spirit. You are loved by God. Your precious in his sight. Whatever you have done He is faithful to forgive you. All you have to do is make him the center of your life. Accept him in your heart and repent of your sin. Have faith in Jesus today. He will change your life. Trust that you will live victoriously not by your works but because of your faith n Jesus.

Annette Burke

4Her Ministries Inc ©


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