Loving others with our attitude… Why that is the out pouring of the Holy Spirit.

Good Morning Loves! Today I was going through my journal from 2013. I came across this entry holy-spirit-fill-me-so-that-i-may-poor-out-your-love-to-others

Now it didn’t mean what it means to me now. Then it meant Oh dear God help me with my mommy attitude and my attitude towards really everyone during times when I am stressed. In the honor of transparency let it be known that I am not the master at a good attitude rather I have learned to be pliable. I have learned to allow God to work in me  and through me by having disciplined myself to spend time with him.

I know that the minute I start to drift towards other things more than God my attitude will drift as well. You have heard the saying “It’s a slow fade”? That is so true!

Psalm 14 reminds me of this and how important it is to know that God-his love and what it does in us through the out pouring of the Holy Spirit doesn’t just change our lives but the lives around us too.

Psalm 14:4 Have they no knowledge all the evildoers who eat up my people as they eat up bread, and do not call upon the Lord?

These people David are talking about here we know 2 things:

  1. They are negatively affecting others. (devouring)
  2. They do not seek God. (call upon)

Common sense tells me that the opposite would be true as well. If I seek God I will positively affect others. Instead of devouring I will be embracing them. My children are so precious to me even when they irritate me. Precious. If I think to hard about how much I love them I will well up with tears! Madness! Any body else feel that way?  God loves us that much. He loves your family that much too. He also love those that are not your family. God loves those that are different from you and the people you can’t understand.

Because of his ginormous amount of love for all of us he wholeheartedly desires for his people to embody that big love. For you and I to be so filled with goodness that we sparkle.

If you desire this big love pray this prayer today:

God let your will be done in my life. Let me be in constant communication with you. Give me the life you envisioned. Show me who I can pour out your love on today. Help my attitude to reflect how deeply you love me. Let me be a tool for your loving kindness. Lord fill me and your people with the fruit of the spirit in such a way that it is evident to all.

In Jesus name.



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