Leaves aren’t so pretty when you’re the one who is raking…


As it starts going into the fall season and I see the leaves start to change colors and then fall to the ground, it occurred to me that we are very much like those leaves in our journey through this life. As time goes on and we aren’t in an intimate relationship with Christ, we may have a sin that has infiltrated our lives. That sin changes us. It may be a sin that no one knows about. A sin that we justify doing. A sin we do because others do it. A sin we don’t confess because we don’t know how to stop it.

Yes, that sin changes us. It makes us a little darker, just like those leaves when they change color. Too, it often makes us more attractive to this fallen world, like those gorgeous leaves look to us. That sin shows our true colors, the motives of our heart; just as the green may turn to red, gold, or orange. And just like those leaves, that sin can cause us to fall.

We can become dead in our sin, just like those leaves that fall and die. But thank God for His Son Jesus Christ! When we bring that sin to Him, He makes us new again. He gives us life… just like when we see the green sprout back out of those trees in spring. Keeping a close, intimate relationship with Christ can keep you from that sin that causes you to fall, that leads to death. God’s Word promises that if we are godly, though we may stumble, we will not fall (Psalm 37:24). To be godly, you must be with The Godly One, daily in prayer, praise, and worship, in fear and in awe. It doesn’t mean perfection but it does mean if you know it’s wrong don’t keep on doing it anyway. So I encourage you today to take time to be with The Almighty One and to repent of any sin that you may be harboring so that our enemy doesn’t have a foothold on you that may cause you to fall.

May you be blessed and encouraged. If you need extra prayer write us a letter or send us an email. We would love to pray for you and whatever sin your struggling with today.

-Cindy Witt

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