Ephesians Part 1-Your shield of Faith


Faith is knowing and believing that God’s word is true and his love is real. Simple put that no matter how things look on the outside you believe in what you can’t see more than what you can see.

Have you ever had even the smallest prayer answered? Have you ever seen prayer answered at all?

If you have seen it in someone else’s life great. But I am praying today that you would experience the power and majesty of having prayer answered in YOUR life. Why? Because answered prayer is the tangible proof of what we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1 says Now faith is assurance of things hoped for a conviction of things not seen.  Just say out loud “What are you asking me to do in faith God?” and know that he will answer you. Faith is your shield. Faith is what keeps your chin up when as chicken little says- The sky is falling! Faith is what keeps joy in your heart even when that illness is merciless on your body.

Faith is what lets you love your children even when they scream they hate you or don’t call you for weeks. Faith is what gives you the get up and walk when your car is broke down an you have a five dollar bill to your name. Yes friends I’ve been there. Years ago during a horrendous custody battle I thought financially I would never make it. I wan’t sure if I would keep my babies and having had to find a new place I didn’t even have furniture. But I had God. I had faith. Now that seems like a dream. I listen to my family downstairs  as I sit in my cozy office and find it hard to believe that I ever slept on the floor. I prayed one thing back then that God would overwhelm me with his power and not my circumstances.  He did. I think that the biggest hindrance to faith is fear. I still get afraid but I have learned that I have control. I can act out my faith and my thoughts will follow.

Prov 30:5 says He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Now either your going through something currently that is testing your faith or your about to but remember when God blesses us with new revelation we usually get tested. Remember who you are in Christ this week. Remember you have a shield. You’re not defenseless. It is your active faith that is the most powerful. When you feel sad, or sick sing. When you are on your last dime give. When you want to give up just keep going. Your not done yet. You do have a purpose. And you bring some sparkle to the world that only you can.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

(Part 2 of Ephesians coming Tuesday)

Annette Burke©

4Her Ministries Inc.


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