Rescue of Forgiveness…


Jesus never fails. He is always there for us when we need him. If only other people were the same. It seems that our parents and family members can hurt us at times without even knowing it and yet God calls us to still forgive them.

I’ve heard many sermons on forgiveness and reconciliation saying that you don’t have to do both. My question is if you still feel the tinge of disgust at the thought of reconciliation then have you really forgiven them? Jesus comes to rescue us and heal our hurt. When it’s healed, it’s healed. If you hold onto it because it’s become the normal for you over the years then all you are doing is wrapping that little wound with a band aid of bitterness. How can the doctor see what is ailing you if you bandaged it yourself and refuse to take it off? Yes our God is all knowing and Yes he already knows what your hurts are, but he always requires us to take the first step in the natural world. Spiritually, all you have to do to be able to forgive someone is start praying for them to be blessed and proclaiming that you have forgiven them. That is just the first step. Second step is that you have to ask God to prepare you for when you encounter that person. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you be willing to be the blessing for that person you once hated. I am not saying you will ever have to see them or even help them. I am just saying in order for The Lord to have complete control of your life, you have to be willing if he calls you to do it. If you still have hurt you won’t be able to. Take today to make a list of those people that hurt you even if it is your children, go ahead cry if you need to, but as you think of them remember that most likely they were once hurt too. Keep this list handy and start praying for these people whenever the enemy brings those hurts to your mind. Remember, as long as those spots remain in your heart the dark will still have a hold on you. Now start praying that bitterness away in Jesus name you are free!

Here is a worship song for you today:

In life’s dark and bitter hour, love will still prevail. Trust his ever-lasting power, Jesus will not fail Jesus never fails Jesus never fails. Heaven and earth may pass away but Jesus never fails.

May you be blessed and encouraged!

Annette Burke©

4her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved 2016.


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