Abundant Life…


Live the abundant life.
Our enemy is real. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy the Bible tells us in John 10:10.

He wants to steal your joy. Kill your hope. Destroy your life. Steal your kids from righteousness. Kill your fire for Jesus. Destroy your self control. But the enemy has no power over you. You are a child of the one true living God. He sent His Son Jesus so that you may have life and have it abundantly also according to John 10:10. So, not matter what schemes satan is throwing your way, live in Truth today. Believe what the Word says. Satan will not win. Jesus already has that victory. In Jesus Christ you are free. Satan has no hold on you. Through Christ you are strengthened. Pray this prayer today:

Father thank you for your Son Jesus. Thank you for sending Him to give us abundant life. God guide us to live in that truth today, that Christ is giving us abundant life and that our enemy will not be victorious in our life. God restore our hope and joy in you and your promises. I pray that any foothold the devil has be broken in Jesus name. I love you Lord and want to live in the life you call me to, the life that is abundant and victorious. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Cindy Witt

4Her Ministries Inc.©

All Rights Reserved. 2016.


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