Going beyond the day job…Mathew 4:19

follow-me-and-i-will-make-you-fishers-of-menHow do we become fishers of men (or in our case fishers of women)?

1. Focus on God, not circumstances.

The first thing we do is Focus on God. We make an intentional choice to focus on our God and not our circumstances. Jesus was trying to explain that by following him more than just your ordinary work will be accomplished. He was telling his friend “Man look come with me, follow me and you will be way more than your day job.” You see Peter, Simon and Andrew were fisherman. Fishing was their day job. Do you think if they had let the fact that they were mere fisherman stop them that all the miracles in Galilee would have happened?  Jesus said “Come follow me and I will send you to fish for people” Matthew 4:19. The new international version says in verse 20 “At once they left their nets and followed him.” The at once part really toyed with me. How many of us when we feel called to help or serve stop because we don’t feel qualified. Or if we do know we are called actually quit our day job at once? This brings me to number two.

2. Stir up the gift.

If God calls us to cook for people then start cooking. If God calls you to encourage people then start speaking positively into people lives. Whatever your gift stir it up. It means start using it in any capacity. God will be beside you and cultivate that gift you have the more you use it. It is just like a dancer. The more the dancer dances the more refined and broader their reach and techniques become. Now in our story  an amazing thing happened with their gift of discipleship. It was a chain reaction. After the first three were obedient then immediately after Jesus called three more who were also obedient in their calling to follow Jesus. Those three were James, Zebedee, and John. What happened next?

Miracles! After a chain reaction of obedience to the will of God followed miracles of healing.

3. Guard your heart.

Now any time a gift is stirred up it makes an opportunity for two things to be watchful for pride, and insecurity. Their is no room for either. Pride happens when we forget that our gift comes from God. We must always remember that Glory belongs to God. Insecurity comes when you listen to the haters. People who are not brave enough or maybe don’t understand the things your called to can say or do hurtful things out of fear or jealously. But be strong. Tune that negativity out by remembering to guard your heart.

4.Serve God, Help all you can.

Because of the obedience of a few to Jesus calling many miracles happened and the news spread through the land of the goodness (Matthew 4:23-25) . In verse 25 it says that large crowds from all over the region followed Jesus. This proves to me that God can us you for greatness. That you pretty lady were meant to do great things. You are more than your day job. God can use you even at your regular job. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be a fisher of men (or women).

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Annette Burke©

4Her Ministries Inc. 2016.


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