Defeat is NOT your destiny


Situations and circumstances in your life can sometimes leave you feeling defeated. It may be your past that haunts you and tells you that you will never have a good life. It could be that you’ve tried so hard to teach your children a good way of living  but they just aren’t responding to you. It could be when you think your marriage just can’t be fixed. It could be when you’ve went for your dreams and failed. It could be that the sickness you have just won’t seem to get any better. A number of things in your life may have you feeling defeated. But, in Christ, defeat is NOT your destiny.

In Christ, you are an overcomer.

The enemy will whisper in your ear and tell you that your circumstances will never get better. The enemy will try to convince you that God is against you and that’s why you have these bad situations in your life. The enemy will try to grab hold of you so that you don’t run to God in your time of broken heartedness and despair. But your enemy is a liar. He wishes for you to be destroyed. He wants your fire for Jesus to burn out.

So in your most desperate times, run to God. Be absorbed in His Word and the Truth it tells you. The Word says in John 16:33: I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.

This life on earth for you will bring trying times. But keep in mind that you cannot be defeated. You already have a place in the kingdom of God for eternity. Keep in mind that your enemy who taunts you now has an eternity of torment awaiting him. Keep your focus on who you are in Christ despite your circumstances and feelings of defeat. You may feel defeated, but you are not defeated.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

©2016 Cindy Witt

4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved


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