The Comparison Trap…


Do you ever find yourself wishing you had what she had? Has our enemy led you into the comparison trap? What even is this comparison trap? The bible calls it coveting. The comparison trap is where you find yourself un able to see and enjoy what God has given you because you are looking at what God has given others. It is so important that God even made it a commandment. It’s an easy trap to slip into. You see the new outfit she has, then you wish it were in your closet. You see how put together she seems when you see her out and you think you are too far from that goal you desire. You see her kids and wish yours were different in this way or that. You avoid her because you don’t want to hear what new exciting thing that’s going on because there’s nothing new with you.

When you find yourself in any of these situations or any situation where you are looking at another woman’s life and seeing how yours doesn’t measure up, you are in the comparison trap. So how do you get out of that trap?

“Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to Jesus”

Take your focus off of what everyone else has and you don’t, redirect your thought of what you wish you were more like, take your eyes off of looking at others and telling yourself how you’re not enough. Just stop it. Put your mind, your thoughts, your comparisons, on Jesus.

Focus on what he has that you don’t. Focus on his love, compassion, and life changing abilities. Spend your time comparing yourself to Him. And when you compare yourself to Him and the qualities He has, ask Him to search you to make you more like Him each day.  Jesus is the perfect one, the name above all names, and His Word says in Genesis 1:27 that you are made in His image.

So when your mind wants to do some comparing, compare yourself to Jesus.

May you be blessed and encouraged in Jesus name.

Cindy Witt

4Her Ministries Inc.

©2016 All Rights Reserved.


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