Jesus “The Life Anchor”


No matter how many storms I go through in my life I am reminded each time that Jesus is the steady anchor even when my ship’s sails are torn. The first time I needed an anchor in life was when I learned that my mother was murdered by my father. I was six and I was scared but Jesus was there. Through years of abusive relationships and a teenage pregnancy I tried to substitute other anchors like alcohol but looking back I know Jesus was there loving me. Those things I tried to use to steady and calm me they failed me in the storms of life. I trusted the wrong things and my ship crashed repeatedly. Over and over and over again I put my faith in the wrong things my friends. Which led me to carry two things around even after I recovered from the wrecks of the past. Those things were bitterness, and fear. I had fear of people because they had hurt me. I had bitterness to those that I had seen do evil with no regret and it didn’t way heavy on them. No, it weighed down on me.

Through a cheating spouse and divorce I was tossed around and emotionally destroyed. When I hit rock bottom that is when I realized that Jesus was there. I realized he had been there all along, since I was six years old. From the moment I had walked down that alter he had been protecting me even from those who meant to harm me, protecting me even from myself and consequences of foolish choices. His grace and mercy was abounding in so many areas in my life. When my adoptive parents didn’t want me anymore God put other people in my path to mentor me. He is a father anchor to the parentless. Putting others in my path to speak wisdom into my life was his steady hand guiding me. When I was in high school I hit a light pole going fifty-five miles per hour in a thirty zone. It was during a fight with a boyfriend (from one of those relationships I shouldn’t have been in). Somehow by God’s grace I walked away unharmed. During years of reckless living and parties where I could have died from endangering myself; where I probably should have died from being foolish— God was there. No matter what or how I messed up God’s grace and mercy was always sufficient for me. He gave me a way out of my mess. When I thought I could never finish college, God put my face on a billboard—for the college. When people lost hope in me God never did. The moment I realized that everything changed. I found my true anchor in Jesus Christ. He is where I draw my hope.

Today I am praying the same for you. Whether you have just been diagnosed with an illness, suffering in your marriage, worried about your child on pills, suffering in your finances you can find an anchor in Jesus. Everything else in this life will let you down. People will let you down. Your money will disappoint you. Your friends and family may at times hurt you but I can assure you that God cannot tell a lie. God loves you. He treasures you. He provides for you. He watches over you. He asks in return that you have faith. Believe in him. It is hard when we don’t know the why but friend sometimes the why is so we are forced to trust in nothing less that Jesus. You will overcome this storm if you have the eternal anchor. An anchor is the very thing that keeps you steady and grounded even in risky waters.

At a women’s conference I heard this:

“You have an anchor only your anchor isn’t tied to what is below. Your anchor is tied to heavenly places with divine power and access to the lighthouse of grace!”

Someone needs to hear that today. You will make it through this storm. Your circumstance does not define you. God made you for a purpose and the minute you take authority in the name of Jesus  you will begin to regain your life back! Start bringing peace to your situation today by finding your anchor in Jesus.

Annette Burke

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One thought on “Jesus “The Life Anchor”

  1. Wow, thank you for sharing. I would like to pass this on to a friend who has asked her abusive husband to leave there 10 year relationship. I am extremely proud of her, hopefully she will see the Lords will in her discussion.

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