Shifting your season…Part One


“You’re not living on a playground you’re living on a battle field.”

Know this that you can either walk around as a wounded warrior or a valiant warrior. Valiant Warriors have mighty parades because they are cherished, feast banquets, health and safe families. All of which seem to be things which are connected to the promises of God for us. I  know that in this life we will have trouble. The bible does tell us that in John 16:33. But there are things you can do to persevere, and live well. You can overcome these troubles easier, with divine help, and with a double portion of blessing when you’re on the other side. Seven things I want you to take away today to get some emotional freedom. 

1.Your foundation is your relationship with God. Prayer, Fasting, and Giving are not optional if you want to live in victory. The bible says  when you fast… when you pray… when you give…this means it isn’t optional if you want to be free from things like addiction, eating disorders, depression, chronic illness. We have a supernatural God with almighty power. It is time to live free.

2. We have to know how to pray effectively. To have a spiritual foundation is to have “spiritual practices or habits of working in the spirit. We have to daily renew our mind with the word of God. We have to pray to God in Jesus name by which we gain authority to access the throne of grace with boldness. Fullness of life comes from the Spirit of God. It is the emptiness of that spiritual void that causes us to sin and fall back into cycles of emotional pain or destructive behavior. When we make the spiritual practice of prayer and getting in the word while fasting we begin breaking cycles. Demonic strong hold begin to be released.

3. You cannot manifest your full potential until your allow the spirit of God to move, and actively search your heart. If we are not preparing in his presence we become dulled to elements of the gospel. In other words we become disconnected. In Ephesians it mentions we begin to become blinded. We begin to forget what we should know. We begin to dull down our sin with justifications. Christ called those who fail to recognize him a wicked generation. But he gives us hope that we can invite the Holy Ghost in our heart to shed abroad the love of God. (Romans 5:5, 12:2, 8:26)

4. We have to forgive. Now hold on I know some of you are saying I always forgive. But have you invited the Holy Spirit into your prayer and asked him to intercede to illuminate any un-forgiveness you may have in your heart?  (Mark 11:25-26) A little exercise. During this time write down all the people’s names that come to mind as your pray. Then ask God for forgiveness and pray for him to meet their needs.

Digging Deeper

Do you know that there are spiritual things that cannot be broken off of your life by prayer alone? It is called oppression and sometimes called bondage. Have you ever felt that no matter how good things were going that can cause trouble in your life, in which only fasting and prayer can free you from. “Besetting Sin”- this is an habitual sin which is passed down through the generations.

It is important that not just the word of God is illuminated to you but also any sin that needs to be shed from your life be illuminated. Pray for this specifically. That God would show you exactly when you are deceived.

Today I want to tell you about your foundation. The word to teach in some cases means to pound in, so today I want to “pound in” to you about your foundation so your faith is not like the house built on the sand.  Anything built outside the word of God is like sinking sand. Do not be deceived into thinking that it is ok to believe in the friendly verse like John 3:16 and yet ignore the ones that say do not even call someone a fool or even give at the altar if you have a grievance with your brother (Matthew 5:22-24).

Today know that you will get free from whatever it is you’re going through. You are not alone. God did not create you or put you here on this earth to just to suffer. He gave us an instruction manual on how to overcome this world and if we can apply it to our lives we can have victory not just eternally in heaven but here on earth most of the time as well.

Dear God,

Please bless those reading this 100 fold for their obedience to you and to your word. I pray that they would begin to have secret sins illuminated. That they would see with spiritual eyes  how to pray and how to walk abundantly in this world according to your will and your purpose God. May we forgive quickly and heal thoroughly by your loving hand. Pound in us the teaching of your word. Give us a fullness of spirit.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Annette Burke©

2016 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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