It would be nice if we could know when we are going to get emotionally hurt and avoid it. If we could just see the hurt coming and run the other way, we feel like life would be so much better. But, the truth is, we can’t do that. We have no control over others and the choices they make, so sometimes, that hurt is unavoidable. Though others may hurt us and that seems unavoidable, there are some things we can do when we find ourselves hurting.

The first thing I will encourage you to do when you find that you’ve been hurt, is know that you can’t change it or fix it. What’s done is done. There is no going back. So, saying that, I encourage you to not dwell on that hurt and hold on to it, causing yourself to be held down from the plans that God has for you. I have experienced hurt like many of you have, and it seems that I held on to it for years.

 Holding on to the hurt, only hurts you.

It keeps you focused on something you cannot change, therefore, you get nowhere with it. You are constantly stuck in the same place with the same mindset. You feel defeated or less than if you hang onto it.

Secondly, when the hurt comes, forgive easily. It seems crazy that we could suffer from someone causing us pain and harm and hurt and then just forgive them. But what has Jesus done for you? How many times has He forgiven you? How freely does He forgive? He calls us to do the same in Ephesians 4:32. Now, let me say, forgiving does not mean you are accepting that behavior or that hurting you is ok. Forgiving someone is not for them, it’s for you. It frees you from that grudge and from that hold that the enemy can have on you if you harbor that hate or unforgiveness. Don’t let the enemy get a hold on you. If you have been hurt, don’t add more hurt to yourself by holding on to unforgiveness.

A final thing I will encourage you to do when you are experiencing hurt, either past or presently, is to know, you can’t change someone else and the choices they make that may hurt you, but you can change how you react to that hurt. In this life on earth, we are in a broken world with sinful people. They are not perfect, nor are you. Don’t find your worth in other broken, sinful people. Find your worth in Jesus Christ and who He says you are by faith in Him. He says you are loved.(Romans 5:8). He says He is here to comfort you (2Corinthians 1:4). He says that you have victory in Him( 1 Corinthians 15:57). No matter what hurt you experience while walking the earth, you have a glorious destination awaiting you in Heaven. Keep your sights set on that.

When you have a perspective of who God is and the love that pours out from the giving of His Son Jesus, and when you know who you are in Christ as His child and heir to Heaven, just maybe the hurts you’ve had and the hurts that may be to come will not effect you in that ways they seem to have before. Maybe you can realize that people are broken and sinful and will let you down or hurt you, but you can be free from any furthering suffering by letting go of that pain and hurt. Maybe if you grasp just how big and great our God is, you could forgive a little more freely, not because that person may deserve it, but because you deserve to be free and be more like our forgiving Jesus. And when the hurt seems to be coming at you from all directions, just remember, though you can’t change that, you can control how you react and feel about it. Keep looking to who God says you are the promise of Heaven He has waiting for you.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Cindy Witt

©2016 4Her Ministries

All Rights Reserved.


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