Low Pride


You see pride stops us from acknowledging God’s grace. It convinces us that we can handle things on our own. That we are stronger in our own power.

Proverbs 29:23 says:

A man’s pride brings him low but a man of lowly spirit gains honor.

Sometimes we get this false sense of importance. See there was this girl I know a dear friend. She felt like she did her job so well. She even felt important. A few years back she had went to these company certifications classes. No one else on her cube floor had the certifications she had. She had even gotten a raise. Overtime she began to feel a little more knowledgable than the rest of her coworkers. Whether it was their inefficiency or her skill this feeling of superiority grew. She hadn’t seen it growing either.

Her coworkers saw it. Frankly they were all annoyed by it. When they saw her coming they all went to spreading out like flies over an outside dinner. She would correct people when she saw them doing wrong and she had made herself believe she was helping them. Was she really though? Or could she have been feeding her pride?

You see that false sense of importance that pride gives us ultimately brings us low. The temporary things like money, being right, power, prestige, our appearances they fade. But oh my friends those who depend on the Lord gain eternal honor (Proverbs 29:23).

My friend got laid off. You see she made more than the other workers but she was doing the same job. She was disposable. Truly as hard as it was for her to admit she now knows that it was God’s grace and favor which allowed her to do the same job as others and make more. Those certifications were really just company training. The enemy had deceived her. Her heart had deceived her. Not only that but her pride deceived her. She made it through and is all the better for it now.

Remember that our lives are not our own. They were given to us. Our abilities and wonders we experience are by the grace of God. If you’re on the other side of the looking-glass and you’re dealing with a prideful person remember to pray for that person. Have compassion toward them. We all struggle in some way or another. Most of us are just looking for love and acceptance. So the next soul you see struggling bless them with your anti-pride power of humbleness and accept them even though they are prideful.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Annette Burke

2016© 4Her Ministries Inc.




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