What lies are you believing?


When I was younger, I yearned for attention that I wasn’t getting from my parents. I believed the enemy’s lie. He told me that I didn’t deserve their attention. I spent my time shining like a star at school, making straight A’s so that people may see that and not see or wonder about the me that I was at home. Why? Because I believed the enemy’s lie that my family and I were too different, too bad, too full of secrets. I spent my days turning to drugs to numb the feelings of shame, guilt, and confusion I had because I believed the enemy’s lie that there was no hope, or help, or healing for me. I spent my days not getting to know people because I didn’t want anybody to really get to know me. The enemy told me that I wasn’t good enough for others to accept. I had a life full of sin because I believed the lie from our enemy that it was ok because it was just a way of life. The enemy took full advantage of me. He took ahold of me. After he had me so vulnerable by confusion of what was happening around me when I was young, he deceived me into believing that this lifestyle of sin was ok, and then went as far as deceiving me into not wanting anything better. He had me believing for the longest time that things would never change, that I was not good enough for any other kind of life, that life was not meant to be good or happy.

What lies have you believed? What has the enemy instilled in your mind, maybe from long ago? Do you know that you’ve been deceived or is he still deceiving you?

I now know, in my faith in Christ Jesus that He makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17). I now know because of the Word that I have power over Satan and his lies (Ephesians 6:13). I now know that people aren’t perfect because we are all sinners (Romans 3:23). I now know that I can forgive others and forgive myself (Matthew 6:14). I now know that God has a good plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11). I now know that though my circumstances weren’t always great, He has plans even for my messes (Ecclesiastes 3:11). I now know the Truth.

I encourage you, if you are struggling with being deceived, that you get in the Word of God because it is the Truth. You can crush Satan’s lies and deceptions with the Truth of the Word of God. Don’t let the enemy hold you captive any longer. Be set free by the Truth.

Cindy Witt.

2016©4Her Ministries Inc. & Cindy Witt All Rights Reserved.



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