Jesus, The wedding, & Your life


Did you ever wonder why the son of God chose to perform his first miracle at a wedding? Why it was in a town that was geographically very insignificant? Why Jesus required the water before he made the wine? Being the son of God he could have easily just spoke some wine into existance right there at the party. But instead he required some thing from the servants. Just like he requires something from you and me. Jesus will show up in the mundane of life. He will show up in the every day but we have to invite him in. We have to invite him in to all areas of our lives.

My own personal experience has been that this is extremely hard when I know that I am going to have to adjust my life style in some way. Let me give you an example you see I love make up. I don’t hate to shop. I am a girly girl and very independant. I rarely buy for myself but I can easily justify spending on my girls or buying for other people. So when God was nudging me to allocate my money differently and to give my husband more control over the finances I hesitated. I wanted to let him work in all the other areas of my life but I wasn’t really ready to turn that area over. There are plenty of other that areas that as women we can struggle with like food, fun, sleep, it could be any mundane thing that we enjoy. Having things we enjoy is great but it will never compare to the joy we will find in Jesus.

So I want to ask you to remember that Jesus showed up at that wedding when he was invited and a miracle happened. He will show up in your life too. You can see miracles just like the people at that wedding party did. You just have to invite Jesus and do what he requires of you.


May you be blessed and encouraged.

Annette Burke 2016© & 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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