God has a plan for you


What in the world does this wad of toilet paper have to do with your life and walk with Jesus? Maybe more than you think! This photo is one I took yesterday of toilet paper that my 3 year old unraveled from the roll. Now, being the resourceful (my choice adjective) person that I am, I got that big wad up from the floor and laid it on my sink to be used. It was still good clean paper. I didn’t want to waste it and throw it away. It’d just been unrolled from its holder. So there it sat. Then God spoke to me about this toilet paper. Yes, you read that right. He told me that life mirrors this toilet paper in many ways.

See, as we are unpacked and brought into this world, we are subjected to other people, to the world. Those people use us in many ways. In some ways we are useful to them, in some ways we are wasted by them, sometimes we are thrown out by them. Just like that toilet paper. But what we don’t need to forget is that just like that toilet paper, God made you for a purpose. The toilet paper has many things to offer, and what God has given you to offer is very great.

But, life is messy and sometimes we get unraveled.

We step out of that plan God has for us. We get to somewhere we were never meant to be, just like that toilet paper on my sink should be on that roll.  We do things on our own, out of God’s will, and we sin. Some of those things leave us in a way that’s different than it once was. We may have scars and bumps and twists and tangles that we can’t seem to get back perfectly in line, like that toilet paper can’t seem to go back on that roll the way it was to begin with. It can feel like heap of a mess that seems like it’s useless. But God’s grace covers that all. He makes you new, and His plans for you are still good.

When life unravels on you and all you can see is a big heap of a mess, like I walked in my bathroom and saw yesterday, just know that though things look like a mess, God can still use you, just like I’m using that toilet paper.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Cindy Witt

©2016 4Her Ministries Inc.

All Rights Reserved.



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