Promised Place


The apostle Paul said in regards to hardships and rough circumstances “None of these things move me” (Acts 20:24) He wasn’t going to let some thing change his mind. He wasn’t going to be moved by what he felt or what he could see. He was only going to be moved by what he knew was truth. His truth was that if God was for him and if God says yes then it is final. No questions asked and no exceptions, it’s a done deal. If God puts a promise deep inside you no thing or any person should be able to sway that. Every thing in your life may point to the fact that you will never amount to anything. But what are you going to believe? What you believe will inevitably point you in the direction of your destiny. Are you going to believe that you have a promised place in God’s kingdom? Or are you going to believe that this life is all there is?

When Abraham was promised that he would have a child he didn’t dwell on his age or the state of Sarah’s womb. (Romans 4:19) No! He believed in the promise of God. Stop considering the circumstances that you can see. Guide your heart and mind to consider how great, how powerful, and how big your God is and what a promise from him means. When God is your focus things like doubt and fear will begin to fade away. You will begin to be confident because you are living in a promised place and place of faith in God’s promises.



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