New Goals


I am a go getter and a goal setter. I set my mind on something then I figure out how I’m going to do it. I dream, and I go for things that I feel like would make my life better or make me happier. Then, I came across this verse in Colossians. It says to think about the things of Heaven, not the things of the earth. And it hit me. All this time I spend setting goals and chasing dreams and desiring things for my life, aren’t always things of Heaven. I do have a goal to set out everyday and do God’s will, and to be more like Jesus, and to spend time in prayer, praise, and worship. But it occurred to me that much more of my time is spent going after things of the earth. I want to work and buy things my kids and family will like. I go places and do things to fulfill my desires, like watching TV and going to the movies and cooking different things. All of those things are okay to do, but when those things are coming first, it’s a problem. It occurred to me when I read Colossians 3:2 that God’s goals aren’t always what I put first.

What about you? Is what God would have you doing with your time what you put first? Are you looking more toward the things of the earth or things of Heaven?

How about setting out in 2017 and taking on new goals? Goals that are of God and not the earth. Goals that have Heaven in your sights and not earthly desires or things. Sure, you can have your goals and dreams and things you want to do, but strive to put God’s will and goals for you first. Make goals that further His kingdom, not your desires. Let Him be your first priority in life. Rearrange your time and your goals so that He is what you seek the most. Be encouraged that there is always somewhere in your life that you could adjust to put God first in and that He is there to help you align yourself to Him. Take this evening to think about those areas where your sights are not on the things of Heaven and how you can change that. Pray and ask God to strengthen you in looking more and more toward Heaven everyday. 

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Cindy Witt 4Her Ministries Inc.

Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. 


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