New Vision


The other day my son came over to me and just gave me a big squeeze around the legs. He is  a tiny fella who comes about to my hips. He said “Mom I have a new vision and I am going to be your helper”. I am like yes! Wahoo! I will take all the helpers I can get! That  has always been my vision. You know, to have well-mannered children who love to help others. I have had that vision oh, I don’t know—since they were born.  Now eight years later my son is finally seeing the vision too. “Well Praise God!” I replied to him. That night he helped me around the kitchen the best he could. He missed a few spots here and there but he was trying with his whole little heart.

I kind of stood back admiring his messy cleaning skills and wondering if God ever feels like that about us? When he creates us he has this mighty vision for our lives. But then some times it is years, even decades until we finally get the same vision for our lives. Then even when we get it trying to clean up the messes in our lives and the process of learning how to be the person we need to be is messy.

I know that even if you are just now realizing God’s vision for your life he is still watching in admiration. He is still proud of his creation and vision for your life. His love and hope for who you can be is no different from any other great parent. Maybe you’re feeling down today because you haven’t been getting it all right. Maybe your exhausted from messy cleaning in your life. I have good news! You are doing fine. You are on the right track. Just keep praying, and reading God’s word he will teach you and fine tune the vision as you go along. There is one thing required of you though…that you keep the faith. In psalm 46:2 the psalmist writes “though the earth give way…” he is giving us a picture of how even in the most catastrophic disasters that might challenge our faith we can still trust in God. Psalm 46:5 “She will not fail…” and Psalm 46:6 “Nations in an uproar…” but Psalm 46:10 “Be still”. Rest in God’s power to complete his vision for your life and to teach and guide you. Guard that faith in your heart with your love for Jesus. When you feel discouraged remember that our suffering through our learning is nothing compared to what he went through on the cross.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017©Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.




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