New Restoration


give-thanks-2There are times after a really hard streak of life that we can forget that our God is in the business of restoration. He makes it his business to make things new again. He brings life.  Job lost everything but God brought restoration back to his life. God restored Job in children, business, possessions, health, fellowship, livestock, and relationships.

That wasn’t the only person he restored. There were several people Naaman’s flesh, Josh’s kingdom. My favorite is Ruth and Naomi. Both had been through the loss of a major loved one. They were relocating and just bankrupt emotionally and financially.  Naomi even told people to call her “Mara” which meant bitterness. But even though she said that the book still refers to her as Naomi which means pleasant. It is amazing how no matter what we call ourselves God still calls us by name. He still calls us pleasant, grace, chosen, beloved, dearly loved. He is faithful to call us good even when we don’t call ourselves that.

Three things for you today:

  1. Your next days could be your best days. No matter what you have been through I believe God isn’t done with you yet.
  2. God doesn’t see us for what we call ourselves he sees us for who we are meant to be. He sees all those who believe in his son, ask for forgiveness, and  repent as dearly loved.
  3. He is the God of restoration. Just believe it.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

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