New Joy


Have you ever been trying to accomplish something or get to an end  goal when you find your self in a season of impossibility? A season of life where your particular situation just feels hopeless. You know exactly what you need to do but you’re so beat down you just can’t seem to do it in this situation or season. So instead of accomplishing what you need to you become stuck in a place of tears and defeat. Today I want to dare you to move even in your tears. To keep going even if you have to cry the entire time just don’t stop. Whether it is your marriage or your ministry or that strained friendship that seems like it would just be easier to just walk away from. I want to encourage you to keep doing what you know is the faithful thing God would have you do and in the end you will reap songs of joy (psalms 126:5).

I have the privilege of having many sisters through Jesus Christ but there have been times when relationships have felt strained because let’s just face it we are all imperfect people. My personality type just likes to avoid pain and I will do just about anything to run away from a conflict. It just so happened during one particular season of a tension filled relationship God did what he does best and he made me grow. He showed me that I didn’t reap anything from being a coward except loneliness. During this time I don’t know why but my sister and I just didn’t seem to see eye to eye. It was just one misunderstanding after another I was so confused because I loved her so much and I would get off the phone and just think Lord why is this happening? I would miss calls or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. It was like the devil didn’t need any help making me look like a bad friend because I was doing a great job of screwing things up all on my own. I would just pray and cry out to God. You see, I absolutely love people especially my sisters! I was just distraught that I couldn’t just fix this. I wanted to just avoid the situation like the plague but God just wouldn’t let me. I felt led to just continue to reach out as much as I could and have conversations even though they were strained. I just kept praying for our friendship and for my sister no matter how much I felt hurt. I knew she was hurting too. Several times during this season I had to listen to her frustration about me and with our friendship. My natural instinct was to be defensive but God called me to just say “you know what your right I could be a better friend”. It was true because no matter how could have a friend I am I can always be better. It turns out there were all kinds of other things going on in my friend’s life that caused more stress in our relationship. Some of them had nothing to do with me.

One day it was like the clouds just lifted, things went back to normal, and we were in tears laughing even more than before!  Our friendship is that much stronger and stable now because we both grew during that time. That season of life psalms 126:5 became visible to me. I know some of you may be having a much worse season especially if this is a tear filled season of marriage. Please have courage and don’t give up. God is molding and shaping your character even while you are in pain and tears. Some how even through our tears we can find  that the law of sewing seed and reaping a harvest is still in force. Look at your situation as an opportunity to experience true love and to learn grit. You see when you love people you stick around, even when it gets hard, even when there is nothing in it for you and when you sow into some one elses life even through your tears God rewards you with songs of joy. The harvest we get if we continue to press on is more than just happiness it is heavenly joy.

Praying for an abundance of joy for those of you who read this day.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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