The New You


As we are reaching the end of the first month of this new year, I encourage you to take a time of reflection and ask yourself if you have been the new you God has made you to be? I have a list of questions for you to ask yourself. These are meant to encourage you in reflecting on how God has been moving in your life and for you to evaluate how you are walking in alignment with His Word and will.

  1. Are you spending time with God in His Word and prayer? 
  2. How have you done in obeying, repenting, listening, and doing?
  3. Do you feel closer to God now than you did at the very beginning of this year?
  4. Do you feel refreshed and revived in your faith?
  5. Have there been old ways or temptations that have been a part of this month?
  6. Are you serving others? 
  7. Are you thankful to God each day despite the hard times you may be having? 

    Some of these questions undoubtedly will be answered with a no. I can definitely say there are ways I feel I want it to be different when I ask myself each of these. As you reflect on these, think about who you are now as a new creation of God. Take your new self up a notch in the areas you feel like you haven’t lived up to the new you. If you feel like you are distant from God instead of closer, get in His Word more each day. Set a time to pray so you know you will do it and not get caught up in things going on. If you feel like you aren’t serving like Christ would have the new you to do, ask God to guide you into someone’s path that can use your help. If old ways, habits, or temptations have crept their way back in your mind or life this month, take the time to remind yourself who you are in Christ and thank Him for His grace. If you feel like that same circumstance is constantly beating you down, don’t run away from God and lose hope, run to Him and be comforted until the storm passes. 

    I encourage you today to take a moment now to pray to God. Give thanks to Him that He is not done working on the new you. Pray that He will guide your steps to become who He has created you to be. Ask Him for the strength and the power to do the things He asks of you. Thank Him that His grace and forgiveness is there for you. 

    I pray that you will give your whole heart and whole life to Jesus. Let Him have it all, put all you have in Him. He died for you so that you can live free from sin, guilt, shame and so that you can have a relationship with the Father and share in His eternal kingdom. Live your life to glorify King Jesus. 

    May you be blessed and encouraged.

    Cindy Witt~ 4Her Ministries Inc. 

    Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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