Neighborly Love

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Mark 12:31


Neighborly is described in the dictionary as kind, nice, and willing to help. It really helps me to put certain verses into a deeper perspective when I dig into their meaning a bit more. It isn’t unusual for my heart to lead me to be one of the above three things  however, I can admit doing all three all of the time I have been know to fail at- miserably. I want so much to be all of those things but at times I am not. I have said “Lord please help me to be better. Fix my heart in such a way that I can love others as myself?” Then something came to my mind it was the story of the good samaritan.

There was a man that Jesus told a story about who was robbed by thieves. He was wounded,  his belongings were stolen, and he was left on the side of the road to die. Several people passed by including a preacher and a church worker who were to busy to be bothered with this messed up guys problems. Then a third person comes by who was filled with compassion for the wounded man. This was a good samaritan. He took the man to an inn and even gave some of his own money to the inn keeper.(Luke 10:30-37)

I have heard that saying so many times it could be a your neighbor as yourself …love your neighbor as yourself…love your neighbor as yourself but how many times am I so busy that I actually don’t love my neighbor? Or how many times am I so caught up in what I have going on that I don’t see the needs of my family or friends?

So I have asked myself “when should I be a good neighbor?” and the correct response is I should always be a good neighbor. The I asked my self how? How do I see past my own stuff long enough to help someone else? I think the answer is in scripture.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Mark 12:31

In our hearts to some degree we have a basic love for ourselves. Maybe some of us say we don’t, maybe at one point or another we have even loathed ourselves. But if we were wounded we would get ourselves to the hospital right? If we had all our clothing stolen we would get our selves to the store to cover ourselves right? It becomes a lot less of a them issue and a lot more of an us issue when we start thinking of other people as ourselves. If we were hungry we would feed ourself right?

It isn’t if we had time. These things are basic human needs that we would deprive our own-selves from so we should seek to have a heart to meet those basic needs for others as well.

Today  you and I can agree not to think to much about the times when we saw the guy on the street corner and kept driving. I will be honest there have been times I have stopped and other times I didn’t. Or that time when we could have given some extra time to help the lady across the street. But let’s focus on what we can do today; what we can do now to love others as we love ourself. The more compassion we allow our hearts to feel for other the easier it becomes to think less about our own worries.

May you be blessed and encouraged today.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc.



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