Love Battlefield


You can always mark the territory of evil by it’s desire to be worshiped. See Christ was a servant who put others before hisself. Satan was a rebellious angel who put hisself before God.

Sheila Walsh said this at a Women of Faith Conference, “We have an enemy who is hell bent on destroying us, but we have a savior who was earth bound to deliver us. When a seemingly insignificant woman surrenders her life to Christ she is transformed from victim to courageous overcomer. When you have done all you can do then stand and watch the deliverance of the Lord.”

The enemy comes to bring shame to you, fear, rage, then lastly despair. He is the accuser of God’s children. A liar. Evil demands worship. The next time you are in a battle take a step back and ask yourself if you or anyone else in the situation is demanding some form of worship. It is really only Jesus who is worthy of praise. He is and was and will ever be the only perfect and blameless person on this earth. Now please don’t hear me say don’t praise your spouse or your kids. They need praise and love now and then especially if they are a words of affirmation person like me. But what I am saying is when a battle or a fight breaks out check that desire to be worshiped at the door. That belongs to the Lord. That isn’t the fight he wants us to fight. He wants us to fight for the weak, widowed, and hurting not for our own recognition.

3 Things you can do in a fight to further the kingdom of God:

  1. Pray, so that you may give the burden to God.
  2. Speak God’s truth in kindness.
  3. Give up the recognition of being right in the other persons eyes. You are loved by God. You have no need to win the approval or worship of others.


Lord help me and anyone else reading this to learn the art of steering through battles and blessings without demanding attention. May we honor you in all that we say and do. Lord help us follow Jesus’s example of servant leadership. When temptation comes may we be fearless and courageous in proclaiming the message of Christ-love God & love others.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017© Annette Burke & Her Ministries All Rights Reserved.




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