Basic Love ❤️ 

Love at its core can seem very basic to someone in need of being loved. Let me give you an example, you have been married for years or in a committed relationship ship it seems second nature to talk things over with this person. When you have a basic love for someone it doesn’t take much thought to want to call them up and just spout off the crazies of your day. But let’s say you have this basic love but at some point you start to realize that it is not being reciprocated. You may not even be sure how it ended or when the other party became less involved. All you know is this feels like it should be pretty basic stuff when you love someone.

Now that you know the kind of basic love I am talking about imagine you are that person. You have start questioning love and are going through all the why’s in your mind. Did you know that sometimes we do this with God? 

We say out loud how much we love God but we have lost that very basic love that allows us to stay in communication with him. Think about that today not about behavior but about your heart. What basic love is missing in your heart? Is it the prayer? Is it the basic love of being forgiven? Maybe it is the basic love of knowing you are enough for Jesus that your heart needs to feel alive. No matter what you are going through God has the basic love to make you feel whole again. 

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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