Love Prayers


Today I want to leave you with some different prayers to pray in your life. I want to start with a prayer for your pastors. Why should  you pray for your pastor? Well because they are the tool God can use to speak into your life just like he uses the bible to speak to you. It is amazing how regardless of which church or denomination you are a part of God can still give you what he wants you to hear. Now I believe God will place prayers in your heart specific to you the deeper you go in your relationship with him. But I have women ask me “what do I pray for? ‘ or “How do I pray?”

Jesus made it really simple for us. When in doubt pray the Lords prayer. It is beautiful and it works. Below are some more prayers that I feel God has led me to from different places if scripture. I hope God would answer prayers in your life so that you would feel the strength of his love.

A prayer for pastors in your life:

God you are so amazing that you can speak to me regardless of where I show up on Sunday. I ask that you would continually give the pastors in my life a word from you to speak truth to me. Please help those in a position of spiritual leadership enlarge their coasts. May your hand be upon them God. May you bless them indeed for doing your work. Lord guard them from evil that it may not grieve them or anyone else. In Jesus Name Amen (inspired by the prayer of Jabez)

A prayer for your children:

God please let me complement my children in a way that encourages them without being critical. Let them always feel welcome in their own home. Please Lord quicken me to control my tone of voice. Give me the exact words you wish for me to speak into their lives. Let me be consistent in love and nurturing. Help me to know when to discipline and when to show grace. Give me courage to confront foolishness and rebellion with wisdom. God please give my children a heart for you. Bind our family cord that we would not be dysfunctional against your kingdom. Help me teach them what it means to be a brother and a sister not just with their sibling but with the body of Christ. Please let your angels protect them and speak to their dreams about your love and my love and how all things are possible with you. God let your glory cover and shine through all my many mistakes. In Jesus Name Amen.

A prayer for seasons of waiting:

God I can see how you are working in every situation right now. But for those times when I can’t see please help me. During seasons where you call me to wait or be patient please ease the pain. Lord don’t let my waiting be wasted let it bring glory to your name. In Jesus Name Amen

A prayer for a home or a better home:

God we know that you are able to do immensely more than we ask or imagine according to your power (Ephesians 3:20). Please bless us with a home that it exactly what we need as a family to feel safe, and to fulfill your purpose for us. God would you show us specifically where you would want us to be. We know our location affects our sphere of influence please help us to keep that in mind as we search for a home. Please help us to make wise financial choices and to be good stewards of all that you give us. In Jesus name Amen.

A prayer for meekness:

meekness the ability for God’s people to negotiate among others without causing friction.

Opposites of meekness anger, wrath, yelling, tempestuous, stormy,

work of the flesh= discord

Dear Lord please help us to yield to your spirit. Lead our lives toward meekness so we may not only get along with other but be able to say what needs to be said without causing friction. Help us to promote peace among your people not our own feelings. In Jesus name Amen.

A prayer for serving or volunteering:

Lord help my physical body to be energized in a way that would bring you glory. Help me to bring enthusiasm wherever I serve. Help me to make things fun for those around me and help spread your word to others. Use me Lord wherever I go. God when I am tired and my flesh just wants to say no or stay home give me an extra boost of gumption to know that your purpose is bigger and more important than me and my feelings. In Jesus Name Amen.


“The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.” Lamentations 3:25

“Therefore the Lord waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you.” Psalm 33:22

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries All Rights Reserved.





One thought on “Love Prayers

  1. Prayers are a wonderful way to communicate with our Heavenly Father. It gives Him pleasure to see His children reading His Love letter to us, the Holy Bible. I respond to Him by writing poems to Him when the Spirit moves. Here is one :
    Father God you are to me
    My Fortress and security.
    All the day You see me through,
    Showing that You love me too.

    Father God I love you so,
    You are Whom I long to know,
    As I read Your Word each day,
    It tells me of Your Will, your Way.

    Father God I thank you so,
    You are Whom I long to show,
    Praise and love all through the day,
    Because you always point the way.

    Thank you Lord for blessing me.
    Because of You I’ve been set free.
    You are Whom I long to show,
    Praise and love I do bestow.
    Written by Susan Morgan


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