Love Tithe


I want to talk about a subject today that seems to be the thing we tip toe on egg shells about sometimes in church. I heard a song in church this morning and one of the lines said  “Help me see the Giver and not the giving” or something like that. I thought eureka! That fact is we don’t see the Giver when some one talks about money often we just see dollar signs or see a person who wants something from us. Now don’t freak out I am not going to ask you for a thing today but I will ask you to think about your local church. Here at 4Her we believe that giving 10% to the local church is what God desires from each of us. I personally believe that something miraculous happens when people start to be faithful in this. See it is like this, if you don’t feed yourself you will die. Maybe not today or tomorrow but at some point without nourishment your chances of survival would be bleak. Your tithe to your local church is what enables the church to take care of its people. If the church is supposed to take care of the widows and the orphans how do you and I suppose they do that without any funding? How do they pay a pastor or buy snacks for kids or diapers for the nursery? Have you ever been to a fellowship event or church picnic and thought wonder how they paid for the food?

See God doesn’t just bless us financially for our own personal benefit. The idea is that as our income grows our tithe would also increase and then in turn so would the abilities of the local church. It like investing in a spiritual annuity or holding stock in the kingdom of heaven. You take a portion; the first portion and give it to God. Not only are you fighting against the spirit of greed but you are investing into God’s work and putting him first, and being obedient all at the same time. It sounds like a win win, until it comes to that point in time where you have to pay the cable bill or pay your tithe. I have been there I know how it feels. Some times I did the right thing some times I didn’t. I won’t sit here and toot the horn like I have always got it right. But I will say this with my whole heart. Financially when I have been faithful to God first he has never let me miss a meal. Now I don’t mean the times I paid all my bills and then gave God what was left. I mean the times when I wrote that tithe check first before I thought about anything else. You want to see miracles? This is a great place to start. It might be hard at first but if you persevere you will see major transformation and a shift in priorities. If you are tired of living pay check to pay check and you are ready to experience financial wisdom start here with giving God ten percent of everything you earn right off the top. I dare you. You may have a month where you have to give something up like TV or getting your nails done or McDonalds but if you can’t give any of those things up then do you really care about God anyway? Or if you won’t give them up or sacrifice to be faithful to your God who is faithful to you then do you have what you say you have? It is a tough thing to think about but that is sometimes how we grow by asking ourselves the tough questions.

If you want to know more about what the bible says about tithing here are some scripture references and my commentary:

Numbers 7:13-19, 20-87

(Tells the offerings of each prince on each day. This was how God told Moses to anoint the new tabernacle.)

Numbers 10:2

(…that you will use them for the assembly, and for the journey of the camps.)

Numbers 18:26

(basically here it is saying if you have taken from the tithe which I have already given you from your inheritance then offer up a heave offering for the Lord even a tenth part of the tithe. Now obviously Jesus died for us and we are free from the law so please don’t hear rules. But I do love this passage because at one point in my life I savings but then I realized  that I had what I had because I had skipped on what I owed God. I was like Lord what do I do? I found this scripture and he led me to give a “heave offering and then start over with my 10%” I am not a scholarly theologian but I do pray that if there is someone who maybe has fell off the tithing band wagon and would like to repent this would help you get your money right.)

Deuteronomy 14:22-23

(1/10 for personal consumption, tithing all the increase that you benefit from)

Deuteronomy 14:29

(talks about welfare funds, people with no inheritance, widows, orphans. Basically God’s welfare structure.)

Genesis 14:18-20

Genesis 28:22

Genesis 47:24-26

Finally let me leave you with this, giving thanks to God with our money reminds us to trust God, depend on him, witness to others, and rejoice in times of financial blessing.

Dear God,

You are worthy to receive honor with our money. We know your word says seek first the kingdom of heaven but it is hard if we are afraid when we give we will have to do without. So please help all of us who take this leap of faith in trusting you with our money. Help remind us that you actually control it all, even all the money. Help remind us that those who can be faithful in small things can be trusted with much. Help us Lord to see the Giver Jesus when we give and not the actual giving.

In Jesus name. Amen.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc.


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