Entitled Love

Is love some thing that we are entitled to? Patience, kindness, and long suffering from others, are those things some stuff we may be entitled to?  Or that at times we have this inside feeling that we should receive? 

I have heard many people say that we live in a nation of entitlement. While I am not going to comment on the nation I do think it is safe to ask the question do we feel entitled? 

I have had the burning thought what makes people this way or me this way?

Who ever told me I should have anything? 

Maybe it is bigger than that. Maybe just maybe there is something inside of us that knows we are entitled to the promises of God. Could it be possible that because of sin and separation from God this entitled feeling has been shifted towards the wrong things. At times I will feel like my kids should respect me just because I am their mother and while that may be true if I don’t remain respectable in their eyes they may become good at pretending to respect me without ever actually feeling it. Same in marriage or a friendship I can think I am entitled to certain behaviors like loyalty or sincerity but until my heart is in the right state of receiving what a gift any good emotion is from another human I will miss out on seeing Jesus more in my relationships. I ask you today what area of life have you felt entitled instead of feeling thankful or ready to give? 

When I focus on heaven, and when we focus on heaven we start to feel entitled to the promises of God. We start to have a heart that is gaurded to the enemy and his schemes of undermining our spirit of giving and the benefits of hard work. When the focus starts to be on what’s around me and how much everything is falling short of what it could be then all entitled love is misconstrued. 

Good news is God loves us and forgives us. He made us to feel entitled to what he has to offer us which is grace, love, mercy, promises, and access to a heavenly realm through Jesus Christ. 

Ask him to purify your heart today.  I am asking him to purify mine.  I hope and pray that he will teach us how to be entitled to the right things and not to feel entitled to any of the things the world has to offer. 

May you be blessed and encouraged. 

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. 


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