God’s Awesome Love


Can you say that you are in awe of God? I hope and pray you are saying yes. I hope you are in such awe of God that you can’t help but stand or get to your knees when you hear worship music or when you hear the word of God being read. I don’t know about you but I want the awe in my awesome to cause me to do more than mediocrity. I want it to make me do more that sit idle in my chair. I want the awesomeness of God to fall down on me so much that I am literally buzzing right in my seat. I hope to take the overflowing joy of that awesomeness right out of church and into my Monday and my Tuesday and every other day of the week. In my church service today I had the pleasure of seeing oneness in action. Unity before the might awesomeness of God. The home church I attend Crossroads Community Church of Newport had Teamed up with Macedonia Church of Newport’s Pastor and Choir and just absolutely embraced the spirit of Jesus Christ. There was all types of people worshiping God and it was beautiful. I think so many times just like the Jew and the Gentile people myself included get so wrapped up in pursuing what we want and how we think things should look like that we forget what God says about pursuing peace and unity and oneness. That more important than how we feel and what we want is the one purpose of the Great Commission and that we should all press on together towards this same goal. Not fighting and bickering but coming together appreciating each others unique talents and gifts. We should be fighting the battle against the enemy together.

Today I dare you to do some random act of kindness for someone else. Do something good for someone different from your self.  Maybe even someone who hasn’t been so nice to you. Do with an awe for God. Be kind with a sense of wonder and majesty of who God is and how awesome he remains.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017©Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc.


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