Love worth fighting for


“A love worth fighting for is a love that has already been won, that is the love of Christ.”

Practical tips for fight for love and not against love:

Tip #1

Let go of this you mentality.

The world tells you it is all about you. But biblically the only thing the bible says about you thinking about you is to think what God thinks about you. Every where else it is about being a servant leader, that you can go last knowing you don’t have to fight to be first. That it is your choice to serve others before yourself. Find who you are, go with what you feel, but don’t we always want that kind of love from someone else where they put what we feel ahead of what they feel? As a grown up christian God can prepare you for epic times in life where “it is for such a time as this” just like Esther that you would but yourself aside and do what is best for everyone. That you would do what God would have you do.

Tip #2

Blessed are the peace makers, so make for peace!

While the house of peace stands strong and tall against a storm the house divided falls. Ask yourself this, is what I am fighting for more important than the stability of my family? At times it very well may be, even Jesus had righteous anger. But remember this Jesus though on earth in the flesh was more than a man and the anger of men does not produce the righteousness of God. So what I am saying here is any situation can be handled multiple ways. Wouldn’t it be wise to take the road that produces the best outcome? Yes! and that friends is the road of peace. I heard this from Pastor Jesse Jones Jr. “Jesus does not build walls, he makes tables. Tables covered with fruits of the spirit”.

Tip #3

Forgive freely, not for him or for her— for you!

A wise beautiful friend told me she said, “Girl you just gotta let it go, not so they can have peace but so you can”.

Tip #4

Accept that to be the vessel of Christ in your home may require you to love the un-lovable.

There comes a time when you may be required to love the un-lovable but have courage it is just for a season. Grown ups and even children often become the most un-loveable when they don’t feel loved. I believe this can happen even if we are actually loved because all of us are designed longing for God’s love. We may not always know that’s what we are missing but sometimes we just have season of “I hate everything”. Many of us go years trying to fill voids, and seasons of emotional drought before we discover the living water of Jesus. But now in this love worth fighting for it is our moment to be like Jesus, to be loving to someone who isn’t always lovable. The bible tells us  a great victory isn’t to love those who love us back. That is relatively easy, but to love those who hate us that is a wonderful thing. That is a mighty victory for the kingdom of heaven.

Tip #5

When you can’t do anything else, do nothing else. 

If you have tried all you know to try, then just wait and watch the Lord in his glory. Have faith and keep praying but stop doing. Just focus on Jesus and watch the rest fall into place.

(Matthew 6:33, Psalm 37:7, Nehemiah 8:11, Esther 4:14)

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc.




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