Let Your Gifts Shine in Service

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1 Peter 4:10 says: Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms (NIV). God gives us each our own unique gifts and talents. And each of those gifts can be used to bless someone else’s life. This Word tells us that we should  use whatever gift we have to serve others. Sometimes we think that we don’t have any gifts, but the Truth of the Word tells us otherwise. Just this verse in 1 Peter demonstrates that by saying each of us, so we all have something. And whatever we have can be used to help in someone’s life. There are many websites that you can go to in order to actually take a spiritual gift test. Giftstest.com is one site that you can simply answer some questions and find out what spiritual gifts you may have. Gifts that you have may not be listed on the results of that test as well. You may be a great singer, a good listener, love to cook, or any number of things that you could use to serve in the life of someone else. God desires that you serve. Think of how many people have served and helped you in any way. Oftentimes, it’s someone’s act of service that shows us the love of Christ. It’s that act of service that God uses to bless us when we need it most. You’re service can do the same. We are all God’s children, and in serving others, you are taking care of God’s children and helping to build up His kingdom. No act of your service will ever be too small or go unnoticed by our ever present God. 

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Cindy Witt. Copyright 2017.

4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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