When serving gets hard…

sweet service

Serving others is hard when the person we are trying to serve doesn’t treat us the way we expect them to. Maybe you have been at your job for decades and you can count on one hand the number of thank you’s that you have received. Maybe in your marriage you cook, and clean day after day and no one notices. Maybe you are a teen and you pour your heart into your school and you fight hard to not get in trouble and yet it seems that even your parents don’t notice you. Whatever it is today, that has you feeling like what you are doing is in vain I want to tell you today— God sees you.

He knows how hard you work. Nothing you do in honor of him is done in vain. When you feel down and discouraged like you can’t possibly keep striving to do your best with out being notice then remember that the plans we commit to Him will succeed. Jesus is the living water, he also knows what it is like to serve people and be rebuked or unnoticed. When you feel low all you have to do is go to him. He will fill you back up again.


May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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