Find your happy in serving Jesus

Have you ever heard someone say “looks like she just got a wild hair”?  Did you know a wild hair is actually a real thing and no I am not talking about Allfalfa.

A wild hair is  a phenomena, it’s when a horse hair falls into water and due to fungi or bacteria in the water the hair wiggles or “comes alive” which is wild since hair falls out because it dies! 

So it is kind of like trickery. I thought of all the times in life we might get a wild hair. When some sort of momentary thing makes us feel happy, we think we are coming alive when really that thing is harmful to us like bacteria or fungi could be to hair. 

Today I am praying, Lord if we have some false sense of happy in something that would harm us show us what it is. Give us the courage to let it go. In Jesus Name.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

2017©Annett Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. 


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