Put off greed! Put on giving! 

And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. Hebrews 13:15 NLT.

Me, myself, and I seems to be the way it goes. I gotta look out for me and mine. I gotta get all I can get while I can get it and keep it for myself and my family. In our fallen world, these are the mindsets and thoughts of many of us, even Christians. We are a work in progress and this mentality of greed and not giving may be something that still needs to be worked out in you. So, on day 8 of this Put On, Put Off challenge, I challenge you to ask God to begin that work today and help you put off greed and put on giving.

Hebrews 13:15 tells us one reason we should give, and that is because it is pleasing to God. As a Christian we should always want to please God. And giving and sharing with others in need is one way that God asks us to please Him. If you are not giving, is it because of greed? Is it because you are desiring to keep what you have or to do what you want with what you have without thinking of what God would have you to do it?

Are you not giving because you think you have nothing to give? Greed doesn’t always have to be talking about money and possessions. You can be greedy with your time and kind acts as well. You may be like me and not always have money to share or things that you can give away to someone in need. But we all have time and love and kindness that we can give.

Greed is something that is part of our sin nature and we need God to get it out of our lives. He can do a work in us and change our heart’s desire from being greedy to being generous and giving. Many times we can’t change this in our self, God has to work. You can begin this change in yourself by obeying His words, even when your heart still wants to feel greedy. Do what He calls you to do anyway. Pray and ask Him to help you be who He would have you to be. Pray that He will guide you and change your heart so your life can be more pleasing to Him.

Prayer for today: Father thank you for all you have given to me. Forgive me for not being as giving as you. Forgive me of my greed. Lord I don’t want my heart to feel this way anymore. I pray you do a work in my heart so that greediness is gone. Lord help me to be generous with what you have given me. Lord when I don’t have the material things or money to give, Lord help me be giving with my time and service. I pray that you put people in my path that I can share with. Thank you for continuing to transform me one degree at a time. Thank you for your Word that tells me how to live. Be with me and guide me into an obedience and submission to you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Cindy Witt- 4Her Ministries Inc.

©2017. All Rights Reserved.


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