Put off sorrow! Put on joy!

Have you ever felt deep deep sorrow? Like the kind that makes you weep? Or leaves you with a headache and stomach ache? It is truly aweful, there is absolutely no wonder in my mind why it would make God sad to watch us feel sorrow. If you have children you know that to watch the go through a time of deep sadness is gut wrenching.  It’s like you just wish you could fix it or take it away from them. I think one of the worst experiences I had of watching another human in sorrow was when my grandmother died. We were all morning but my aunt was going through something more she was feeling the deepest sorrow. See she had lost my mom, her marriage had  ended a few years before and my grandmother had been her rock. 

I prayed and prayed and asked God to deliver her from the pain but it never happened. I have often asked why.  Then I read scripture like the following and I find hope.

It tells me three things:

1. There is something to learn even in sorrow, even if it hurts. Even if our suffering were for no reason other than to test our faith we can learn from it.

2. Joy will come if you focus on Jesus and not the pain. 

3. It is possible to have deep joy right in the middle of sorrow. Have you ever laughed in the middle of your tears?

If you are in the middle of it I know it doesn’t feel that easy. It feels sure near impossible. I mean it even feels like you can’t see any goodness or light around you for the storm. But that is when we must decide to believe to have faith and know that even if he doesn’t change our situation he can still stir joy deep within our heart because of his love for us.

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries Inc. All Rights Reserved. 


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