Put off Hopeless! Put on faith!

What about the season of life that seems hopeless? What then? Or what now? Like I have asked God many times what do you want me to do? Especially when I feel life has speared me.

In my marriage the moment my husband said I don’t love you and I don’t think I ever can the way you want me to, made me feel utterly hopeless. If I am really transparent I have to say just thinking to much about that moment still brings me sadness. But God didn’t create me to have no hope.

 He created me to find my hope in him. He calls me to hold to my faith regardless of what others do, say, or feel about me. I can’t keep going on, living in a state of hopelessness but I can keep going on faith in God. It is a choice. It doesn’t mean I don’t have waves of grieve or spells of weeping when devastating life happens. It doesn’t mean that hills and valleys don’t exist. But it does mean I am not alone, I am loved, I do matter to him, and that because of all of that I will always have hope through my salvation and so will you. Your hope isn’t based on your circumstances it’s based on your mighty God. The healer and great physician is mighty to heal all your wounds emotional, spiritual, physical. What does he ask of you or me? Faith. Believing. A heart that loves him. He searches for a heart that will love him. He searches for a heart that will give him faith no matter what. If you are facing a hopeless situation whether it is cancer, divorce, don’t focus on what you can see. Choose to focus on what you can’t see. Focus on your Heavenly Father. I can’t promise how things work out but I can promise you will still have you faith if you choose to keep it. 

2017© Annett Burke & 4Her Ministries All Rights Reserved 


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