Put off selfishness! Put on humility! 

Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Philippians 2:3 NLT.

What a challenge it is to put ourselves anywhere but first in our lives and thoughts and actions! It’s a challenge but an expectation that God has for us as Christians. That verse in Philippians tells us that you can put off selfishness and put on humility, and that’s exactly what you’re challenge is for day 20! 

We read many times in various Scriptures about being humble, and we are told many times to humble ourselves. But I love that this verse tells us how. How can we be less selfish and more humble? By thinking of others as  better than ourselves. 

How would your relationships change is you thought of the other person as better than yourself? If you put their needs and wants before yours? If you thought about their feelings? 

What if you served in a way that you humbled yourself by thinking of others as better than you? How much could God be so glorified by you becoming less and letting others be more as you serve? How many lives could be touched for the Kingdom of Christ if you served others in humility, thinking of people as the most valuable thing on earth? 

When the focus is off of you and inward toward your desires, then you can begin to think of others as more. When you stop worrying about what others think and just do the work God calls you to, then you can begin to be humble. 

We serve such a big and mighty and amazing God who created you to be transformed into the image of His Son Jesus. Jesus was humble. He always served others and thought of them more than himself. He didn’t set out to impress people and show them what He could do, He just did the work God called Him to. We can do the same! 

Prayer for today: Father thank you for your Son Jesus who is the best example of humility. Forgive me when I’ve set out to impress people. Forgive me when I haven’t put others first and when I’ve thought less of people and didn’t value them. Father transform my heart into being the humble servant you want me to be. Make the desires of my heart be the desires of you. I pray you change my view of other people. I pray you help me be who you need me to be and to do the work you’ve set out for me. You are so mighty and amazing. Thank you for you’re work in me. In Jesus name. Amen. 

May you be blessed and encouraged.

Cindy Witt. 4Her Ministries Inc.

Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved.


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