Put off vanity! Put on authenticity!

How often do we follow the latest trends? We wear what everyone else is wearing, put makeup on like everyone else puts it on, and whatever shoes or bag the happy people wear we have to get too. 

Then whoever doesn’t fit the norm whether by size or style they get picked apart, as much as I hate to say it in Christianity this is so true. There is an image of what we Christ followers should look like on the outside when the whole essence of the faith is about what is on the inside, it’s ludicrous! 

So today I say let’s put off this vanity in our faith, let’s put off this nitpicking expecting of others and put on authenticity! Let’s just be ourselves, good and the bad. Be open and transparent and if someone says to us how are you and we are not ok let’s tell the truth. It might help others know that being a Christian has absolutely nothing to do with being perfect or pretty or how we look on the outside. Being authentic helps get rid of labels and opens the door for the Holy Spirit to move. What makes you and I beautiful beings is the spirit of God inside of us, and the way it allows us to serve others and see the beauty and potential inside of them too. 

May you be blessed and encouraged. 

2017© Annette Burke & 4Her Ministries. All rights reserved. 


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