Abide with me…What is the nature of man? Let us take a look at what philosophers thought centuries ago. Thomas Hobbes’ view on the nature of man was that man was in constant war with each other. John Locke’s opinion is a bit different. He thought men were equals by nature and that there was mutual love among men. While Jean Jacques Rouseau felt that the nature of men was neither good nor bad, just existing among everything else. Do you know anyone who just exists? Maybe a friend or yourself who has been depressed and merely going through the motions?

What is liberty?  Thomas Hobbes felt like nothing could be unjust. He felt there was no real common power to be liberated from the right of me other than our choice of how we behave.  John Locke‘s view was that our liberty was to have rights over our passions. His view on social contract was that all men refrain from invading or hurting others. Hobbes wrote that no one was sovereign. “We are ruled by our emotions” he said. Locke’s perspective was opposite as he felt like our “Maker” was sovereign over us. Hobbes felt like this social contract between how we feel and how we act would be broken if man were alone in the world.

All of these philosophers had it right in different ways. In the book The Love Dare for Parents it says:

[God is not our servant, but He lovingly allows prayer to influence Him and change things. Consider this: Prayer can accomplish what a willing God can accomplish. Powerfully and effectively (James 5:16)]

  1. Remember this next time you see someone crying or acting in anger, especially if it is your children: We are all ruled over by our emotions without the power of the Holy Spirit abiding in us. Pray for the Holy Spirit to control your emotions, and to touch those who are slaves to their emotions. Jesus died so he could leave us the Helper.
  2. Our maker is sovereign. He was, is, and is to come! Don’t ever mistake him letting us have free will to be a lack of control. The next time life seems hopeless and you can’t see a way out, or you don’t have any advice for your friend, remember who is sovereign. Remember the great I AM is in control; all you have to do is just reach out to him.
  3. The next time that you question your life and think why am I here or when you’re folding laundry feeling like you were created for more than this, evaluate your relationship with Christ. Without accepting Christ and having an ongoing relationship with him, do we not all merely exist? When we don’t stay close to the Lord abiding in the trinity we fill the space in our hearts which is meant for him with emptiness.

Take a minute right now to be thankful that you’re his and worship him with this song in prayer that Henry Lyte wrote: Abide with me fast falls the even tide! The darkness deepens Lord with me abide, When other helpers fail and comforts flee, HELP OF THE HELPLESS ABIDE WITH ME. I need thy presence every passing hour. What but thy grace can foil the tempter’s power? Who like thyself my guide and stay can be? Thr’u cloud and sun O abide with me!


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