How Great Thou Art.  The Lord is my strength, my shield from danger. I trust in Him with all my heart. He helps me and my heart is filled with Joy. Psalm 28:7 Do you need a miracle?  Is it hard to find your Joy in the everyday routine? Life is hard and it is even harder when the storms come. How can we stand strong? Do we not have the power of Christ in us?

A man named Art Sanborn was a missionary all throughout Asia, but before that he was a believer with just a pinch of doubt deep down in his heart. When he was a child close to being a teen he saw an evangelist tell a woman using a walker “BE HEALED!” then the woman reached for her walker. Art watched the pastor ask the woman where her faith was and she didn’t reply, she just limped out of the church tearfully. Art said in 1973 the Lord changed his mind. He had three preschool aged children who constantly kept him and his wife on their toes. Being cautious parents, they put a gate up at the top of their basement steps, not just any gate but a wooden gate. One day their one year old son David got the gate unlocked and tumbled down each stair head first.  David crashed into the concrete wall at the bottom. Ellen and Art felt the loss of air in their throats when they heard the thud. David was unconscious and not breathing. Art yelled at his wife to call the doctor, ambulance, somebody when his four year old tugged at his pants. “Dad?”, Sean urged.  Art yelled at Sean saying “Can’t you see your brother is hurt?!”… Sean’s next words were powerful. He said, “Dad it is ok to go to the doctor when you have a little hurt, but when you have a big hurt you gotta go to Jesus. Sean Sanborn, who was four years old, prayed this simple prayer “Dear Jesus please heal my baby brother. Amen.” At that moment David began to breathe…( from the book Walking Miracle, by Art Sanborn.)

Sometimes because of the world we live in (which I must remind you is not our home) we forget just how big our God is. What did Jesus do? He did the impossible! He performed miracles, raised the dead, healed the sick, humbled the self-righteous, and he left this spirit of power to live in us.  Take a minute to think about God’s power. Sing a bit of this song to your Omnipotent Father in thanks for his son…O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder. Consider all the works They hands have made, I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder, Thy pow’r throu’ out the universe displayed. Then sings my soul, my savior God to Thee, How great Thou Art!