I was never an overachiever growing up and I never planned anything. I procrastinated and loved being lazy. Those qualities don’t work so well for me as a mom. Five years ago when my youngest child was born with some special needs God changed me. He gave me want for being a better mom and do more for my children. He convicted me of the areas I had neglected when it came to my boys. He convicted me of areas I had also neglected in my spiritual life. The more I seek God the more I feel like a better Mom. I still constantly have my own struggles but I am at peace knowing that at least now I am giving it my all. Some mothers are just born with a perfect nature. You know the ones with the monogramed totes at the ball games. That just wasn’t me no matter how hard I tried. I was the mom who came running in ten minutes late and one child missing a shoe still looking for the baseball helmet! Looking back I can laugh on some of our adventures. It has been a hard road to get to where we are now. Some grow up blessed with a great mother of their own that they learn tricks and tips from but then there are other women like me who are lost in a sea of perfect moms. I always felt inadequate and that is what the enemy used to steal my joy. The truth is God gives you the children you have because their personalities need your personality. I am trusting that whatever they need he etched somewhere in my making. Through bumps and crazy moments along the way they will become who He wants regardless of me. The good news is with Gods help we can fulfill what He called us to become as mothers. Join me on this journey into figuring it out. I will try different tips and tricks and report what I learn. I will also post scriptures, books, and articles that help me. Maybe someone else will find encouragement here to. So far all I know is everything you do that concerns your child do it with love, seek God first, and pray hard!

I recommend spending time in God’s word and time to pray every morning. After all, for school age children mornings are the most trying time of the day. I also like to try a devotional like The Love Dare for Parents. I know it is hard to find time so even if it is just fifteen minutes in the morning do something.

Take prayer walks in your home. Those days when I do five miles worth of walking to put the laundry up I try to pray as I go down the hall and into their rooms. My oldest son doesn’t live with my but when I am praying I still say a special one for him to. The prayer walking wasn’t my idea but when I read the Circle Maker by Mark Batterson I knew it was what I needed to start doing for my family.

When your super stressed that just means it is time to work-out. It will release tension and help you age more gracefully.

Don’t forget God’s got this!


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