Your donations keep this ministry going…

Your donations help us teach God’s word across the globe. We have the potential to reach 180 countries.

Mail check or money order to

4Her Ministries Inc.

PO BOX 1456

Newport TN, 37822

What will a financial gift be used for?

Financial gifts will be used to support the ministry and it’s goals. The primary purpose of 4Her Ministries Inc. is to encourage other women in their walk with Christ through bible studies, written materials, fellowship events, and seminars, ect.  4Her Ministries would like to be that stepping stone which leads to a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ with whom we believe is the ultimate life changer.
4Her is already incorporated, chartered, licensed to do business, and compliant with all state regulations. We are working on the necessary steps to get a 501(c)3. Funds are needed to complete this process, as well as to publish and distribute materials, and to ensure the plans for the 1st women’s retreat. My team and I will be so thankful for your help. Thank you in advance! MAY GOD BLESS YOU for your support!